How to use Alpenair?

It’s very simple! This is the fastest way to get the healthy natural energy!

Breathe out

Breathe out and take the can cap to the front of your mounth

Press the button

Press the cap for 2 seconds and breathe in the pure oxygen in same time​​


Repeate the 1-2-3 steps 4-8 times again


Who we are?

“Our company is part of the Ben&Dan Group. We are the exclusive manufacturers of the high quality AlpenAir premium products (canned air and oxygen spray). Our factory is in Europe in Hungary near of the Austrian border directly under the Alps. Did you know that the canned AlpenAir is the clearest air of the world?

Not just because of it’s crystal clear air content but also because of the using of a special nanotechnology (nano silver disinfection method) which takes the cans with the inside air 100% virus and bacteria-free​!”

Our products are non medical products so thy are available for everybody without a prescription. The premium quality is very important for us so all of the AlpenAir products have Linde oxygen quality guarantee, TÜV certificate furthermore they are laboratory tested and cleaned by nanotechnology!”