AlpenAir Oxygen products can measurably increase and optimize blood oxygen content.

Regenerates, strengthens and prevents complaints.
Proper blood oxygenation delays the aging processes of cells, supports cellular metabolism and the normal functioning of the immune system!

Mask users

Restores oxygen levels.

Supports proper cell function.

People exposed to air pollution

Refreshes the organization.

Restores oxygen levels.


Heightened concentration and faster thinking

More retentive memory

Alleviation of hangover

Reduces the stress level


For safety emergencies until help arrives.

Supports the immune system and eliminates fatigue.

Enhanced brain function.


Higher sport performance

Faster recovery

Reduced muscle stiffness

Increased energy


Antiaging effect

Supports cellular metabolism

Helps cell function

Supports the well-being

Dr. Otto Wartburg

(2x Nobel Prize for cancer research)

“Cancer has only one major cause. This is the conversion of normal cellular respiration to anaerobic (oxygen deficient) respiration. ”

Dr. Stephen Levine
famous molecular biologist

“We found low levels of oxygen in all the major illnesses. Low oxygen supply to body tissues is certainly a sign of disease. Hypoxia or lack of oxygen in tissues is the root cause of all degenerative diseases. ”

Nobel Prize 2019

William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe,
Gregg Semenza

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Medical Physiology was given for the oxygen level of the cells research. They have found that oxygen plays a key role in maintaining life and how genes change in function of available oxygen levels and what hormones are triggered in the event of a deficiency.


Who we are?

“Our company is part of the Ben&Dan Group. We are the exclusive manufacturers of the high quality AlpenAir premium products. Our factory is in Europe in Hungary near of the Austrian border directly under the Alps. Did you know that the canned AlpenAir is the clearest oxygen of the world?

Not just because of it’s high quality food industry oxygen content but also because of the using of a special nanotechnology (nano silver disinfection method) which takes the cans with the inside oxygen 100% virus and bacteria-free​!”

Our products are non medical products so thy are available for everybody without a prescription. The premium quality is very important for us so all of the AlpenAir products have Linde oxygen quality guarantee, Toxinfo certificate furthermore they are cleaned by nanotechnology!”