Drinking water-based beverage enriched with stabilized liquid oxygen. It is not enriched with physically dissolved oxygen, but, like hemoglobin, is contains this vital substance in a chemical bond. Ideal for, among other things, maintaining health, increasing energy, to prevent the development of diseases, for athletes, in case of strong and constant stress, skin injuries and rashes, headaches, indigestion, sleep disorders.


For external, internal use. It can only be diluted with water, but can be consumed with and without water! Stabilized liquid oxygen, ready in your pocket or bag, can be a very quick help if needed.


  • To maintain health: 3 × 10 drops per day
  • To increase energy: 3 × 20 drops per day
  • For athletes to train: 3 × 30 drops per day
  • Eye drops: 3 × 1 drop per day